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The advantage of LED High Bay Light

Replacing old lights with new UFO LED fixtures has many benefits, below outlining some reasons. You will find that once you have LED lights you will be happier with your lighting overall and your investment will pay itself back in a shorter period of time than you expect. It will be more powerful and extremely efficient.
1) LED Highbay lights last longer than fluorescent or HID lighting.

LED lights have no filaments so they will not break if dropped, which means LED light can last over 100,000 hours. 100,000 hours is equivalent to 11 years working 24/7 meaning it lasts twice longer than a fluorescent bulb and 20 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Keep in mind, just because we say our fixtures are rated 50,000 hours, this doesn’t mean that when they break. Most LED chips last twice as long as the “rated” lifespan.
2) LED High bay lights are more efficient.

Metal halide bulbs do not retain their energy heat meaning if you own a temperature controlled environment you will save on cooling costs as well. LED based lighting dissipates a lower amount of heat, adding an extra benefit to any indoor space.
Our UFO lights also come in many color temperatures and even many ring colors. They are “true colors” that are bright and are not filtered like your typical cool white (4500k) lights or more warm white options that not nearly as popular due to lower efficiency.
3) LED High bay lights do not have a humming sound.

We only use the top rated drivers to ensure a quite work or warehouse space. They are silent and will not be causing any distractions. They will not tick or have a pinging sound as well which can be bothersome for those who can hear it.
4) LED is safer and more reliable.

They generally have a much less risk of fire with the use safer setups. They are also made in a solid state, which means they are more durable and can’t be “broken”.
5) Dimming optional for suitable light.

Sometimes you need less light than you bargained for, with our high bay lights you no longer have to worry. With both 0-10v dimming and PWM standard on our dimming models, we ensure you can dim your lights down to as little as 10% without losing any change in efficiency or any noticeable change in color temperature. Our lighting will actually last longer if you dim them to a lower brightness unlike standard bulbs.
One thing many buyers look over if the beam angle of lights. Some spaces need more focused light so choosing a 60 degree beam angle is probably your best bet. On the other hand, most people opt in for 120 degree to ensure smooth transition between light sources and a high coverage. Lower beam angles require less lumens as they are pointed in a more directional way, while larger beam angles will more efficiently light a bigger space.
Yet another benefit to our lights, is the instant on feature. You no longer have to wait for your high bay fixtures to “heat up” before being able to work in ample light. We know time is money!

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