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Food Processing

USA Beverage Processing Line


Totally 120pcs 150w oBay series LED Lights are lighted up the beverage processing line, hosed down frequently.

 Comments from our clients: 

The luminaires demanding in food plants must be specifically designed to not only withstand the rigors of frequent washing and cleaning but also to maintain structural integrity and water resistance between the luminaire and the ceiling, Awesome, US LED Group can make it.

Europe Food Processing Plant


US LED Group oBay series Food LED Lights were installed from 6m ceiling heights and make the plant with uniform lighting environment.

Comments from our clients:

Excellent fixture! Workers here feel comfortable, they can pick up bad stuff during the processing and inspection of food products and can discern detail without the hindrances represented by shadows and glare.



  • Adhere to the standards of clean ability for sanitary environments established by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF);

  • Smooth exterior finish for hosing down easily;

  • Built To Keep the Food Processing Environment Clean and Productive;

  • IP66 to assure the luminaires are truly dustproof and watertight;


Optimal lighting solutions 

Companies in food distribution are subject to the strict specifications for selecting LED luminaires as companies working in food production and food processing. Even manufacturers of packaging for food products are obligated to comply to safety standards. HITOPLUX has been supporting foodstuff producers in the areas of production, storage and dispatch with high quality, reliable luminaire solutions that comply with all such strict specifications. The oBay series food grade LED highbay light is suitable for in fresh and frozen meat processing plants, fruit and vegetable processing and canning facilities.


Beverage Processing Line


Fruit Processing Line


Food Pre-Sort Line


Meat Processing Line


Food Production Line


Vegetable Processing Line

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