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What should we focus on when buying UFO LED high bay light?

1) Clear wattage and avoid waste

First determine their own lighting places when choosing lamps and lanterns, how many, how much power the UFO LED high bay light can satisfy the use, look for to meet the requirements of their , brightness intensity will affect the user experience!
If you don't know who you can ask for advice, or find the lighting design we can provide, help you to recommend the lighting for lighting UFO LED high bay light. US LED Group is experienced and has its own opinions on the development and use of LED lamps.
2) High quality power supply and high quality radiator can guarantee the life of lamps

Lighting places to provide power supply, so you can decide whether to adopt constant pressure constant current controller, avoid because of ballast produces power grid, along with the noise and light intensity is not stable, not cause eye fatigue.
High quality radiator, due to the high heat of the UFO LED high bay, needs good heat dissipation material. Generally use is aluminum alloy material, and UFO LED high bay light is much heavier than normal, structure must meet the requirements of the heat dissipation of LED specification, ensure the service life of the light source, UFO LED high bay light shell should choose the strong environmental protection high heat resistance materials.
 3) Don't care about the upfront investment, the later stage can have a better lighting experience

LED driver, chip, heat dissipation, even PCB are good or bad would influence to the life of the UFO LED high bay light, choose some high quality high initial investment cost, is more economical in the late of UFO high bay is absolute value.

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